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Complete extrusion solutions for Egyptian pipe and thermoforming sheet producers

battenfeld-cincinnati will present its newest extrusion technology developments to the Egyptian market at Plastex Cairo 2018 at booth 2G15 (ground floor). As technology leader, battenfeld-cincinnati offers a wide range of equipment and complete production lines for pipes – from micro duct and multi duct applications for the protection of data transmission and telecommunication cables to large diameter pipes for gas and water transport with diameters up to 1.6 m (PVC) and up to 2.6 m (PO). In addition, extruders and the latest roll stack models for high outputs and high line speeds in thermoforming sheet extrusion will be introduced.

“battenfeld-cincinnati has long been present in the Egyptian market, particularly in the pipe sector. As construction spending increases throughout the Middle East, the demand for products for infrastructure and residential building is also on the rise. We can offer our customers complete lines for all types and sizes of pipes and materials. Thanks to our experience and profound product knowledge, we tailor the pipe heads and the downstream to fit the requirements of our customers and their production,” says Dieter Müller, Sales Manager at battenfeld-cincinnati.

battenfeld-cincinnati’s portfolio includes the proven single screw extruder series solEX NG, solEX, uniEX and alpha as well mono- and multi-layer VSI dies with a proven two-step distribution concept. For micro and multi ducts, a range of coating dies are available that offer special pipe guidance inside the die and enable the production of different bundle geometries with one basic tooling. The twinEX and conEX NG twin screw extruder series and PVC pipe tooling are available for PVC cable ducts. A wide range of pipe downstream equipment completes the product offering.

On the other end of the size scale are large diameter pipes that are mainly used for drinking water, gas, sewage and drainage or mining and industrial applications thanks to their robustness, abrasion and corrosion resistance and long service life. For large PO pipe lines, single screw extruders provide high outputs and optimal melt quality. Pipe heads with battenfeld-cincinnati’s proprietary internal pipe and melt cooling technology ensure excellent wall thickness distribution, ovality values and reduced sagging.

twinEX: the proven choice for PVC pipe and profile extrusion

The twinEX parallel twin screw extruders come in machine sizes from 72 to 173 mm and L/D ratios of 28:1 and 34:1. The extruders are highly energy-efficient thanks to their maintenance-free screw cooling system, insulated barrel and AC motors. They also offer maximized output ranges (140-2,500 kg/h for PVC pipe and 115-600 kg/h for PVC profile) with custom-made anti-wear protection to fit the requirements of the application. Easy handling is ensured by the design of the machine and the new BCtouch UX control system that also supports Industry 4.0 functions. A choice of co-extrusion solutions are available for pipe and profile producers, including the space-saving piggyback arrangement, where the co-extruder is placed directly above the main extruder.

solEX NG (Next Generation) for lower costs and energy consumption in high-performance PO pipe extrusion 

The solEX NG extruders are available in four sizes (60, 75, 90, 120 mm) and offer up to 25% higher outputs per machine size (from 1,000 to 2,500 kg/h for HDPE). The new processing unit has a completely redesigned barrel, screw, and grooved bushing. This results in an increase in the melting capacity, along with gentle and energy-efficient processing. It also helps to reduce the melt temperature by up to 10°C for comparable outputs, while the melt homogeneity remains at a consistently high level. Thanks to the new processing unit, lower maintenance costs can be achieved and energy costs can be reduced by up to 15%. Due to their high outputs and excellent melt processing capacities, solEX NG extruders are particularly suited for large diameter pipe extrusion. The motor/drive system can be positioned either in U or Z configuration, depending on the space requirements, and co-extrusion options such as piggyback set-up or extruder frames on rolls or rails are available. With the intuitive touch screen of the Bctouch UX control, up to seven extruders can be integrated in one extrusion line.

High-speed extrusion of thermoforming sheet focuses on quality and efficiency

“Food packaging is booming all over the world, both because the right packaging can prolong shelf life and facilitate transportation and because convenience foods are on the increase. We see a rise in required outputs and line speeds and have optimized our machines accordingly. This is why both our high-speed extruder series and the Multi-Touch roll stack are ideal for high-speed thermoforming sheet extrusion. With the STARextruder series, we also have a machine tailored specifically for PET processing,” explains Hartmut Hachmeister, Sales Manager at battenfeld-cincinnati.

The unique Multi-Touch roll stack is perfectly suited for high line speeds of more than 110 m/min. It has an innovative multi-nip process that achieves stress-free sheet with thickness tolerances of +/- 1%, as well as high transparency and surface gloss. The latest development in this series is the Multi-Touch XXL version, which delivers an enormous output of up to 3,300 kg/h (PET) and up to 3,000 kg/h (PP), depending on the width and thickness of the sheet.

Find out more – visit us at booth 2G15 (ground floor)!

battenfeld-cincinnati is the leading producer of energy-efficient, high-performance extruders and complete extrusion lines according to customers’ specific requirements. It offers a variety of equipment for many different applications in the areas of pipe, profile, sheet, thermoforming sheet and pelletizing. Customers are supported by production facilities in Germany, Austria, China and the USA, as well as an extensive worldwide sales and service network.