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EXXONMOBIL and SUN CENTRE Showcase an EXCEED™ XP Performance Polymer Lamination Packaging Solution

ExxonMobil and Sun Centre Machinery Co. Ltd. are collaborating at Chinaplas to demonstrate how the combination of Exceed™ XP — when eXtreme Performance matters – and cost-effective machinery technology is being used to produce a differentiated 3-layer lamination packaging film. The toughness, flex-crack resistance and sealing performance provided by Exceed XP allows the fabrication of a thin (40 micron) film for high integrity lamination packaging solutions. The film is being demonstrated at the Sun Centre booth (8.1C21).  

“This is a solution for film converters who are looking for ways to produce high-quality films cost-effectively,” said Olivier Lorge, global market development manager, ExxonMobil Chemical. “By capitalizing on the eXtreme Performance of Exceed XP, converters can produce high-quality films efficiently on Sun Centre machinery while increasing output and reducing costs.”
This film can be used in lamination packaging solutions, including pouches and bags, to help brand owners protect and preserve food that needs to withstand demanding environments, like freezers, or be capable of holding large quantities or heavy contents. This includes frozen food, dry food, meat and cheese.  
Converters can benefit from the high melt strength which improves bubble stability and increases output without the need for processing aids. Film formulations can also be optimized through the use of linear blends and downgauging.  Excellent machinability is possible due to the sealing performance and converters can simplify polymer inventories which can lower costs.

For brand owners, the high packaging integrity provides extreme product protection to help minimize material use and waste. The aged property retention, toughness and sealing performance, including low seal initiation temperature and broad hot-tack range, provides long shelf life for products over time. For food packaging applications, these solutions have very low hexane extractables, good organoleptics and are TNPP-free.

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